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Wintering Over

I have to admit, spending a whole winter at home 'Overwintering' is still a reasonably novel concept for me. Snow on the hills, treacherous roads and frozen greens on the local golf course are both beautiful and challenging. For most of the past decade, I had been accustomed to at least a few months telling stories somewhere significantly warmer. Just today, Facebook reminded me that five years ago I was in Borneo filming this fella.

With the temperatures outside not getting out of the negatives until at least midday, and little chance of filming abroad...indeed my 50th birthday came and went with little fanfare as I was supposed to be in Australia celebrating with family, I accepted an editing role with the really nice team at Storyworks in Queenstown. They have an exciting new show for the Outdoors Channel in production, so it was cool (albeit warm in their office) to get out of the elements and back on the cutting tools for a month.

With that show almost done and dusted, I am now producing a promotional video for the brand new curling rink in Alexandra, whipping up some wine focused content for local vineyards and even spending a few days on the snow covered roads around here filming for a future series of Highway Cops.

I'm also finding that the night sky is pretty darn spectacular at this time of the year, so armed with my recently acquired fingerless mittens (Thanks Pam) and a new stills camera, I grabbed some of my Dad's vintage lenses and have been having a bit of a play doing something different.

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