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Lights...Camera... Revolution

Updated: May 2, 2020

Continuing the theme of plagiarising cool album titles (off a very cool album), today's post comes from the slightly more liberating realm of Level 3. Who would have thought that two months back we would be self regulating on such an epic scale and bandying around epidemiology terms as if they had been firmly entrenched in our lexicon for ages?

Now, we enter a phase where there will no doubt be plenty of political posturing about the benefits, or hindrance to NZ, for the decision to shut society down. Hopefully, some day we'll be able to look back on this rare time of anti-commerce with rose-tainted glasses...fond memories of how we connected with things at a more base level…and learned how to bake.

On a grander scale, if there are any positive take-aways (excuse the pun) to take from this massive societal halt.. there will be a a renewed interest in listening to scientists (not politicians), a rejection on isolationist nationalist agendas in favour of global co-operation, and a distrust of religious doctrine. Too much to hope for, right?

Personally, I was perfectly equipped for the sudden loss of trade. As long as I have been freelancing, I have constantly had to adjust to long periods without work and

income, no job security, broken promises of work and uncertain financial stability. The difference this time, is the fact that I haven’t had to use my ‘down time’ hustling for gigs. With no work or travel remotely possible, I didn’t even bother with trying to devise innovative ways to monetise my hobbies.

With no intention of picking up a new language, finishing The Luminaries or crafting a chiselled physique, simple things like going for a stroll with my camera became something to look forward to each day. The rules for this daily diversion was pretty simple…use a camera I hadn’t used in a long time (including some vintage lenses), keep the locations to within walking distance, and try ‘making photos’…rather than taking them. I have attached a few here.

[WARNING: Plenty of pixels were harmed in the creation of these images]

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