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Grandeur Amongst The Grime

Too often (and I am very guilty of this) the camera lens gets fixated with the beauty of the surrounding landscape...which is not hard to do considering where I am based. However, it was pointed out to me recently that there is magnificence in the seemingly mundane, if you think about it...and bother to look. Having a limit on my travel due to the nationwide Covid lockdown, I figured that I would shake off the shackles of a leisurely weekend start a couple of weeks back, and take a few snaps from the empty streets of some local buildings. The one that appealed the most is featured here. I have never tried the cuisine at this restaurant which might seem a little strange to those who know how much I love Chinese cuisine (Sichuan spices mainly), but the restaurant name never gave me the confidence that I would find any of the same amazing flavours that I have over-indulged in on many filming trips to China.

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