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Caught by the fuzz

Basing myself in a small country town is not the obvious choice for finding work in broadcast television. Sure, there are opportunities to create visual content for local businesses...and I have done this for some of the vineyards, but I often end up spending prolonged periods of time on location offshore.However, when I am fortunate enough to be back in Central Otago, and the sun is shining, there is one programme that I work on that just fails to die...and for that I am very grateful.

Eight years ago when I first started shooting content for Highway Cops, I never thought that I'd still be doing it nearly a decade later, and yet here we are. Having just discovered that the all the hours spent working with the Police over the 2018-2019 summer is about to hit the small screen, I discovered this season's trailer and thought it was too good not to share.

Interestingly enough, when I get chatting with people about what I do, I invariably get asked most questions about working on this show. I might have though that tales of Pandas in China, Bornean Jungles and Gold Mines in the Yukon would have rated as conversation starters but nope...most people are fascinated with law enforcement and getting the lowdown on what the Cops are really like. Perhaps this is one reason that the show still rates incredibly well...and the fact that it is really funny.

I don't think I would have the same fondness for working on urban cop-crime shows as I do for working on Highway Cops. For one, the scenery is simply stunning...and I live here. You can never fail to be impressed with the way the landscape changes in this amazing big sky country. Secondly, the humour in the interactions between the Cops and their clients is pretty special. Too often, the Police cop a lot of criticism for the way they handle things, but from my seat riding shotgun in patrol cars I have seen a very different side of law enforcement. Laughter.

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