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A Slice of the south

A couple of days ago I came across an international competition on the Skypixel website, where content creators could showcase their best drone footage. It got me thinking...perhaps I have captured enough images from my travels around the South Island to create a visually compelling aerial story from the New Zealand High Country?

The drone is a great tool to have in the kit and I have really loved flying it over the past three years... but... it is often fired up as an afterthought, whether that be to capture Police cars travelling the rural Highways or simply to showcase a location or establish the scene, whether that be via a heightened reveal or even a hyper-lapse.

So dusting off some of my storage hard-drives, I cut together a selection my favourite shots and would like to add that no birds were harmed in the making if this video.

**Yes, there is footage of helicopters taking off...but the pilots were fully aware and we discussed getting the shots before they lifted so that it was 100% safe.

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